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Album Art : Anna Georghiou

Troubadour's Garden

Woman Of The Rainbow

 Woman Of The Rainbow, Troubadour's Garden latest Album Recorded and Published by Barley Fish Studios, Devon, 2014


Includes :Baby Bird, Canvas Hobo Shoes, Frida (live), Testimony, Harlequin Roses,Through The Fair, Woman Of The Rainbow, Storm Blue On Gold, Baby Bird (mix 2), Lady Of Lempa, Little House Of Flowers.



£10.00   +  £2.00 P & P


Sample Tracks on the Album                   Woman of the Rainbow


' In-Between Places'

In-Between Places: Troubadour's Garden

Recorded and published by BarleyFish Studios,Devon, 2014.



Includes : Avebury/Giant's Rise, MerryVale, Shadow Lands, King Under The Hill, Masks, Home, Enchanted Hills, The Salmon, River.



£10.00   +  £2.00 P & P


Sample Tracks on the album

         In between Places


Shape The Clay, Our First Album Recorded in Larnaca Cyprus, 2009

          with special guest Tim Arrevic violin. The First Album


Includes : Fisherman (written By Anna), Ancient Shores, wild Fushias, Cross that bridge, Beyond the boarder, Shape the clay, Carry The Dream.



Sample Tracks on the album

         Shape the Clay


£10.00   +  £2.00 P & P