Anna Georghiou and Phil Bird make up the musical Duo Troubadour's garden. A 'Powerful mythic, epic, lyrical, intimate mood driven musical Journey.' Our adventurous exotic mix of original songwriting and instrumentals blends World, acoustic, alt folk ,psychedelia and much more.

Our songs  explore  themes  relating to, ecology , environmental Myth, folklore, cultural history  and alternative landscapes of vision, spirit and imagination.

We perform internationally and often​ incorporate the music of friends into what we do​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​. 


we work intuitively to create music that is vital , with whatever is useful and Beautiful.

All images photographs,music,lyrics and artworks copyright 2012 Troubadours Garden, 

Anna Georghiou / Phil Bird, website by Anna Georghiou 2012. - 2018
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